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At e-Cigarette Toronto, you are guaranteed quality e-cigarette products that satisfy your craving, save you money, and best of all – taste great!

It seems many parts of the world have taken an anti- tobacco smoking stance, which in many ways, was making being a smoker inconvenient. However, thanks to some very innovative technology, smokers can now enjoy e-cigarettes almost anywhere at any time. Even better, no one, not even the smoker is being subjected to harsh chemicals, pollutants or additives.

  • e Cigarette Starter Kits
  • We, at e-Cigarette Toronto, Canada, strive to provide adult smokers with top of the line, quality products that take care of those cravings, are cost efficient and easy to use. We offer such a variety of brands, sizes, styles and flavors, those who enjoy smoking are sure to find something to fit their personality and curb the cravings in a more socially acceptable form. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff at our e cig store in Toronto, is on hand to help answer any questions our customers may have during their visit.

    Tobacco smokers ready to make the e-cigarette transition will find e-Cigarette Starter Kits to be both economical and beneficial. These kits come with everything needed to enjoy that smokeless smoke, all packaged neatly together. There is not really any assembly required other than adding the e-Juice included, unless one desires a flavor boost of some other type. It takes only seconds to enjoy an electronic smoke and one never has to worry about having a lighter. e- Cigarette Kits usually contain the e-Cigarette, a charger, rechargeable battery, cartomizers and e-Juice.

  • Vapourstix e-cigarettes (electronic vapor cigarette)
  • One of the unique aspects of electric cigarettes is that they come in all sizes and styles. Those seeking an e-Cigarette brand that offers a size close to the traditional tobacco cigarettes will find Vapourstix e-Cigarettes to be quite appealing. Not to mention, they are one of the most popular brands of e-Cigarettes on the market today. In Canada, they are considered the most Premium brand of electric cigarette available. They feature a twist to function design; along with the patented five click protection that Vapourstix has come to be known for.

    The Vapourstix also has a unique new variable voltage battery design, which is much smaller and thinner than other brands. It also features the patented five click protection and reliability Vapourstix e-cigarettes are known for. The designer cases come in so many different styles that it is not difficult to pick something to fit any personality. Bright colors, pastels, basic black or prints, whatever original look you desire, the Vapourstix design team has probably got a stylish case that is just right.

  • e-Juice & e-Liquid (electronic cigarette liquid)
  • Perhaps one of the most inviting aspects of the electric cigarette, is the fact smokers can choose their preferred flavor or experiment with flavors. e-Cigarettes use e-Juice to provide smokers with a little nicotine and their chosen flavor of the day. E-Juice comes in so many tempting flavors it may take some time to pick a favorite. Imagine having a first morning smoke that tastes of espresso, cappuccino or French Toast. You can! You can also have flavors like cherry pie, banana nut bread or Dutch chocolate. The selections are almost endless; rather you prefer strong tastes or just the hint.

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