e-cigarette Starter Kits Toronto

eGo-C-starter-kite-Cigarette Toronto stays stocked with a variety of smokeless options to help ease those nicotine cravings almost anywhere. Their staff of knowledgeable employees is ready to provide information on name brand kits like Vapourstix, eGo T amd eGo C, along with a variety of accessories. There are quite a few different sizes and styles of e-cigarette and tobacco smokers must determine what best fits their personal needs and budget. Here at e Cigarette Toronto, we offer all the products to help smokers embrace and enjoy a more socially acceptable, smoking alternative.

One of the most cost effective ways for tobacco users to make an easy switch from tobacco to e-cigarette is by utilizing the convenience of e-Cigarette Starter Kits. What makes these kits great for tobacco users just making a transition is the fact they come with everything you need, all neatly packaged together. There is no assembly required other than to fill the e-cigarette with the e-juice included, or purchase any additional flavors of your choice. Those wanting the instant satisfaction of a relaxing smoke will only have to wait seconds. E- Cigarette kits contain a rechargeable battery, cartomizers, a charger, e- juice and the e- cigarette itself.

Different e-cigarettes come in varying sizes but the Vapourstix eLiit PCC starter kit has e-cigarettes the same size as a real cigarette. The familiar size helps long time smokers quickly adjust to the new feel of the e-cigarette between their fingers. In some ways, the hard feel of the e-cigarette in the hand can be reminiscent of the vintage cigarette holders during the golden age of films. Vapourstix also provides smokers with a lot of vapor when they inhale. The eGo e-cigarette is much larger in comparison, simulating the size of a Cuban cigar.

Most e-Cigarette kits including the Vapourstix e-cigarette kit comes complete with 2 eLiit automatic batteries, six refillable new and improved cartomizers, one charging cable for PCC, one instruction manual to help users get started and a personal charging case. There are many unique and colorfully styled charging cases and E-cigarettes, in order to allow smokers to have their own personalized look.

e-cigs were seemingly created as an efficient and healthy way for tobacco smokers to continue enjoying their recreational activity in public. These new designer e-cigarette kits make transitioning from tobacco to vapour cigarettes a quick and easy process. Tobacco smokers will be pleasantly surprised by not only the sheer convenience, but also the lack of clean up. Just imagine, never having another dirty ashtray, yet still enjoying the relaxation of having a smoke. Added bonus, one starter kit can last quite a while for one user, as compared to a carton of tobacco.

The e-cigarettes themselves can also last quite some time, when well maintained. Electronic cigarettes can also help add some cash to the budget, as once the cartomizers are empty; all that has to be done is purchase the e-liquid refills. The e-cigarette kit is one of the top choices for today’s transitioning vapour smoker. It provides tobacco enthusiasts with nicotine, along with a cool, flavor burst of their choice, if so desired.

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