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Electronic Cigarette Toronto is proud to offer a wide selection of e-Juice aka e-Liquid. Some new electronic cigarette users may be confused by the two different names for what appears to be the same product. Well, it is the same product. The beauty of e- Juice or e-Liquid is that it contains no harmful chemicals or toxins. Each individual flavor has no contaminants, unlike the tobacco alternatives. Small doses of nicotine are included to curb any cravings, but without the harmful side effects of the opposition. The e-Liquids come in such a variety of flavors, flavored tobaccos cannot compare.
When it comes to electronic cigarette kits, electronic cigarettes, e-Juice or e-Liquid, and all the accessories, Electronic Cigarette Toronto is an electric cigarette lover’s paradise. The days of just lighting up the bland taste of chemically preserved tobacco rolled into paper may be nearing an end in favor of a far more exciting alternative. Even the manufacturers of flavored cigarillos cannot offer anywhere near the array of unique flavors and scents that e-Liquids can.

This is a new day and age for smokers of any age. Just imagine, starting your day deciding if you want cinnamon toast, blueberry muffins or banana nut bread, as you inhale your e-cigarette. That is just a small sample of the delightful bursts of flavor one can experience with electric cigarettes. Those that actually prefer the taste of tobacco will be pleased to know that flavor is available as well. However, for those that want to sample what e-Liquids or e-Juice has to offer will not be disappointed.

There are e-Liquid/e-Juice flavors that will have your mouth watering just reading the descriptions. Flavors like Blueberry Cheese Cake, Caramel Coffee Cake, Peppermint Frost, Red Velvet Cake and Hot Cinnamon Candy. Fruit lovers will feel like their invite to an orchard paradise with Black Cherry, Black Berry, Pear, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange Blossom and even varieties of Fruit Smoothie. For those that love chocolate, just imagine Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Mocha, Mint Mocha, Hot chocolate and the divine Double Chocolate. Even tobacco enthusiasts won’t be disappointed when they get to choose between e-Liquids like Crazy Grass, Cured Tobacco, Fresh Tobacco and even the exquisite taste of Cuban Cigar. e-Juice can add a simple hint of flavor like French Vanilla or Green Tea, or get more exotic with Dragonfruit or Champagne. Whatever mood an electric cigarette smoker is in, there is a e-Liquid to meet the demand. E-Juices are also available in different strengths, as some e-smokers may want a strong burst of flavor, while others only want a hint. The options are almost limitless as to what one can taste and experience now.

Never before have smokers been offered such a variety of flavors to choose from. Why, back a few decades ago, tobacco smokers had two choices, regular or menthol. This is a whole new era for smokers where they can literally pick their flavor of the day and experience a whole new world of taste, thanks to e-Liquid.

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