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Cigarette smokers face many a challenge in today’s tobacco unfriendly establishments. Second hand smoke has been ruled unhealthy, thus smokers find their relaxing habit often frowned upon, even when walking down a public sidewalk. Electric Cigarette Toronto understands the needs of smokers and the difficult task of just finding a place to relax and have a cigarette or cigar. They have made their primary goal, to offer those who enjoy tobacco in any form, a smokeless alternative, such as the Vapourstic e-Cigarette, that can easily be enjoyed both publically and at home.
Unlike tobacco products, Vapourstix e-Cigarettes produce no harmful or congesting second hand smoke to trouble other patrons or passersby. Instead, only a thin vapor is released that quickly dissipates into the air with no noticeable residues. This eliminates any pollution related complaints, along with any discomfort for those with breathing sensitivity.

Vapourstix e-cigarettes are one of the most popular brands of e-Cigarette on the market today. They are by far, considered the Premium brand of electronic cigarette in Canada. These sleek and stylish e-cigarettes are much like the eGo C or the Joyetech e-Cigarette in regards to the twist to function design, however, their look is much different.
The Vapourstix also has a unique new variable voltage battery design, which is much smaller and thinner than other brands. It also features the patented five click protection and reliability Vapourstix e-cigarettes are known for. The designer cases come in so many different styles that it is not difficult to pick something to fit any personality. Bright colors, pastels, basic black or prints, whatever original look you desire, the Vapourstix design team has probably got a stylish case that is just right.
Another added bonus to the Vapourstix e-Cigarette designer cases is their Led lights. These LEDs appear on the case just to let you know what charge is left in the case and the battery. This allows the user to know exactly how many smokes they probably have left for the remainder of the evening, or till they can charge the case. Charging is simple as each case charges one battery. For added convenience, each designer case also provides enough room for one complete Vapourstix e-Cigarette and five additional cartridges.
Vapourstix e-Cigarettes is a renowned part of the electric cigarette revolution that is taking the tobacco industry by storm. When pondered, being additive and chemical free is just the tip of the ice berg. Electric cigarettes offer today’s nicotine lover a much cleaner alternative to the unpleasant scents and gray ashy messes of their tobacco and paper predecessors. The mundane and repetitive routine of dumping out the ash tray daily ends, the moment electric cigarettes enter your life. No more grayish black stains or smudges on white clothing or furniture from ash accidents. Visiting relatives or friends won’t even be aware that you still smoke, unless you choose to share.
Making the transition to an electric cigarette, such as Vapourstix e-Cigarettes, can not only improve the quality of the air around you, it can improve the quality of life.
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